Corner of Benton and E. Judd

Corner of Benton and East Judd ca 1907.tif


Corner of Benton and E. Judd


The brick buildings on the northeast corner of North Benton and East Judd house several businesses and offices. At the time this photo was taken, the street in front was called Lumber Street.

The building on the right was known as the Dacy Block, where agricultural implements and vehicles were sold. The illustration in the 1872 Atlas and Plat Book of McHenry County shows an empty space to the left that the artist filled with drawings of the items that were part of the "agricultural warehouse of T. J. Dacy." In a photo taken in 1888, wagons, carriages and wheels take up the same space and Dacy is still the owner.

This photo was taken by Gus Persson sometime between 1906 and 1908. Lumley and Field Lawyers were only together for a short time and most of the advertisements in the Woodstock Sentinel were published in 1906. George Field served the U. S. government in Washington for a while during this period but returned to Woodstock. Both he and Vincent Lumley were actively involved in city and county offices.

Harts Grocery and Walters & Burger Carriages and Farm Machinery were still in business in the same location in the 1916 city directory.



John Babcock




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