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Circa 1910 colorized black and white postcard of  the Chicago Industrial Home for Children on Seminary Avenue, Woodstock, Illinois.
840 N. Seminary Ave

The Woodstock Children's Home was started in Chicago in1886 by the Rev. Thomas Brayton Arnold and his wife Teressa Richardson Arnold . It was incorporated in 1888 as the Chicago Industrial Home for Children.

In 1897, the…

Grace Hall.jpg
Built in 1920-1921, the brick building provided accommodations for twenty-four students and six faculty members. It also housed the school's sound studio, laboratory, and photography dark room. Grace Hall was named in memory of Noble Hill's first…

Mouse, singing 1936.tif
A mouse, caught at the Chicago Industrial Home for Children in Woodstock in 1936, brought fame and a bit of fortune to the city and the Children's Home.

An article in Time magazine, December 28, 1936, tells the best version of the…
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