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SH basement new floor.JPG
A primary goal of the Jail's basement renovation was to refurbish the floor. The previous concrete slab in the basement was significantly degraded and could not be safely used by the building's tenants.

SH basement demo (4).JPG
This particular section of the Jail basement needed new support beams to safely bear the load of the floor above. In the photograph, crew employees can be seen securing the new support braces into the concrete below.

SH basement demo (2).JPG
Many areas of the basement of the Sheriff Residence & Jail required extensive repairs. This section of the basement lacked load-bearing beams at critical junctures requiring additional bracing to add support. In addition, it also required a new floor…

A plaque detailing Eugene Debs' time in the McHenry County Jail as well as why he was sentenced to jail. Transcript:Eugene Debs and the Old McHenry County JailThe 1894 Pullman Strike and boycott of Pullman railcars led by the American Railway Union…

Photograph of Nellie Bly (Pseudonym of Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman), (1867-1922); head and shoulders.

Debs Keys.jpg
In November 1895, upon his release from the McHenry County Jail, Sheriff George Eckert presented Eugene V Debs with the keys to his cell. During the Villains or Heroes: Pullman vs Debs Fest in Woodstock in 2018, the Debs Foundation brought the keys…

Jail 1st Flr kitchen pano (2).JPG
The first floor kitchen of the Sheriff's Residence & Jail after the renovation. Among the new tenants, a restaurant is slated to begin operating by early August 2023.

Jail 1st Flr demo pano.JPG
The first floor of the Sheriff's Residence & Jail prior to the renovation. The steel bars on the windows are from the building's past and serve as a reminder of the vital role that the Sheriff's Residence and Jail played in securing suspects…

Jail LL concrete.JPG
Staff from Elliot Concrete work to replace the Jail's lower level concrete floor. Employees in the photograph are seen leveling the newly poured concrete to ensure a smooth surface. The newly renovated Old Courthouse Center is expected to maintain a…

Jail basement pano (2).JPG
A panorama view of the Sheriff Residence & Jail's basement in the process of being renovated. Metal framing can be seen in the back, new subfloor has been laid, and doors were installed as well.

Jail basement pano.JPG
Prior to the renovation, the Sheriff Residence & Jail's basement was in an unusable state. From unlevel ground to exposed piping, the basement was unable to be used by tenants.

Holding cells in the basement from the Jail's past were demolished in preparation for the renovation. The worker in this photograph can be seen using a power tool to cut through the cell bars.

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