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401 W. Jackson Always Inn postcard.jpg
This postcard, published circa 1910, shows the Cyrus Durfee House, 401 W. Jackson, during the years it was a hotel. Cyrus Durfee built his "mansion" in 1867. The Woodstock Sentinel extolled it as "One of the largest, most convenient, and best…

Woodstock Typewriter Factory.jpg
300 N. Seminary
Emerson Typewriter Co. was founded in Momence, Illinois in 1909 and moved to Woodstock in 1910. City subscribers raised $30,000 to purchase the land and build this 25,000 square foot building. Alvah Roebuck (of Sears and Roebuck…

Train Time depot ca 1912.jpg
Three trains have pulled into the station. The arriving passenger train has several people getting off and leaving the area. The passenger train going to Chicago has an engine blowing steam. A freight train is on the third rail.
The depot is the…

The Culvert.jpg
In this postcard the vegetation is lush and colorized so it looks like late summer.

A copy of this postcard for sale on Ebay was postmarked 1908.

The South St. tunnel (culvert/viaduct) is a helicoidal or spiral stone arch. One part was…

South Tryon St. postcard.jpg
Presumably looking south towards Dean street, there are no identifiable houses.

This postcard is in the same series as ID 175. Black and White: 45494

There is a light pole and electric/telephone wires; these were extended throughout the city…

South Street Culvert.jpg
This photo of the culvert (also known as the tunnel or the viaduct) under the railroad tracks on South Street is nearly identical to the other Wm. G. Hoffman, Chicago postcard. This is postmarked 1908.

It is possible to see the differences in…

Park and East Side of Square ca 1907.jpg
This postcard was printed after 1907 when postal regulations were changed to permit writing a message on the back as well as the address.

It shows the Square park from the west entrance on Johnson St. with mature trees, a dark-red colorized…

Opera House Curt Teich postcard 1951.jpg
Postcard front labeled 1047 - City Hall Building Woodstock, Illinois

Reverse identification: City Hall Building and Theatre, Woodstock, Illinois. Genuine Curteich-Chicago "C.T. Art-Colortone" Post Card (Reg. U. S. Pat. Off.)

This postcard was…

Oliver Typewriter office 1905-1916 Persson.tif
Taken in front of the Oliver Typewriter complex, a man stands between the railroad tracks in front of the main entrance on Newell street. A large sign has been installed on the roof but it is difficult to determine what the letters are made from.

Oliver Typewriter Band July 4 1910 Tripp.jpg
Part of the big July Fourth celebration that Woodstock produced and invited all of McHenry County to attend. Photo was taken from Melvin Tripp's photography studio's corner on Cass and Main streets. The movement of the band members make them slightly…

Odd Fellows Temple colorized.jpg
The Odd Fellows Temple was built in 1906 on the southeast corner of E. Jackson St at the corner of S. Jefferson. This postcard emphasizes the brick with a bright red color. The adjacent Sherman Block is colored yellow while its crenelated tower is…

New St Mary's church and parsonage.jpg
St Mary's Catholic Church taken soon after the church was completed in 1910. The parsonage is only partially visible on the left. It was built between 1905-1908.
A house is visible on the right of the church where the St. Mary junior high building…

Mineral Springs in City Park ca1906.jpg
Close-up black and white photo of the Spring House. The date is estimated by the style of the postcard which has room for the message on the front and has a plain, non-divided back for address.

A. S. Wright published the postcard. He was in…

Mineral Spring and Park Square.jpg
This postcard shows the Square park trees in full leaf before the renovations in 1912. The Spring House is the only visible landmark.The railings on the edge are wood posts with rope or chain in between them.

E. C. Kropp company of Milwaukee was…

Main Street from Depot postcard.jpg
This photo was not included in A Glimpse of Woodstock (Item #50: "A Glimpse of Woodstock") but was taken around the same time period. The number on the front of the postcard would be in sequence with other postcards used. However, it is taken later…

Looking East on Jackson St.jpg
This is a photo reproduction of a postcard showing a tree lined street that could be anywhere.

The date on the back is Oct. 1914

An original of the postcard on shows that it was taken by E. C. Kropp with a postmark of 1915.

High School, Calhoun St United Art.jpg
Colorized postcard titled High School (currently City Hall) published by United Art Publishing Co., New York City (Printed in Germany) 6613.
The view is from Calhoun St at Throop St--both are dirt roads. Leaves block the view of the old school…

Circa 1915 colorized postcard of a brick school building in Woodstock, Illinois.
Colorized postcard of the High School on Calhoun St. (now City Hall). It is more recent than the United Art postcard since there is a sidewalk and an informal fence.
The old school on South Street is more visible.

120 W. Calhoun

E. C.…

Circa 1924 black and white post card of brick church on South Street, Woodstock, Illinois.
First Methodist Episcopal Church has been located at 201 W. South Street since 1871. The original frame building burned in 1923 and was replaced by this brick structure in 1924. A new church building had already been in the planning stages.

Circa 1908 black and white postcard of buildings on Benton Street, Woodstock, Illinois.
Taken between 1907 (start of E. C. Kropp Co.) and 1912 (brick streets). Postcard #394

100 N. Benton
102 N. Benton
104 N. Benton
106 N. Benton
108 N. Benton
110 N. Benton
112 N. Benton
114 N. Benton Whitson's Hardware
116 N. Benton
118 N.…

Circa 1912 colorized black and white postcard of East Jackson Street, Woodstock, Illinois.
This is an unusual view, looking down East Jackson toward the Spring House. The only clue to the date is the style of lamp posts that were installed in the downtown area in 1912.

Two frame buildings, one a business style and the other a Greek…

Circa 1928 colorized black and white photograph of a brick school building on Dean Sreet, Woodstock, Illinois.
600 Dean Street

This school was built in 1921 and opened in February, 1922. The Sentinel article called it a "beautiful architectural achievement." It was the third elementary school at the time after Clay Street and Central School. Woodstock…

Circa  1904 colorized black and white photograph of buildings on Cass Street, Woodstock, Illinois.
Colorized photo of the Courthouse after the additions of 1903-04 with the Sheriff's House. It was taken from the Square park in winter. There are no other identifying clues except that it was printed after 1907 because a message can be written on the…

Circa 1920s colorized black and white postcard of Woodstock Community High School, Woodstock, Illinois.
Woodstock Community High School was built in 1922 at 501 W. South St.

Looking at the landscaping, this photo was taken soon after.

A. S. Wright Druggist is printed on the front. He was in business from 1880-1840.

Auburn Post Card Mfg. Co.…

1895 black and white photograph of Woodstock City Hall (now known as the Woodstock Opera House) on Van Buren Street, Woodstock, Illinois.
The postcard shows a fuzzy print of the illustration used for the 1895 advertising pamphlet "Woodstock Illustrated."
The attached photo is from the jpg file from the booklet rather than a scan of the postcard.

This shows the original Opera House…

Circa 1912 colorized black and white postcard of Woodstock City Hall (now known as The Woodstock Opera House) on Van Buren Street, Woodstock, Illinois.
Front of post card: City Hall and Opera House, Woodstock, Ill. 700
Reverse has message dated 9-7-27
The lights in front of the building were installed in 1912 and the horse in the photo indicates an earlier time than 1927. Also, there is no fire…

Circa 1910 colorized black and white postcard of  the Chicago Industrial Home for Children on Seminary Avenue, Woodstock, Illinois.
840 N. Seminary Ave

The Woodstock Children's Home was started in Chicago in1886 by the Rev. Thomas Brayton Arnold and his wife Teressa Richardson Arnold . It was incorporated in 1888 as the Chicago Industrial Home for Children.

In 1897, the…

1916 colorized black and white postcard of the two story brick armory located at 400 North Madison Street,  Woodstock, Illinois.
400 N. Madison at the intersection with Hutchins.

This building was built in 1912 after a previous armory on Calhoun between Dean & Jefferson was destroyed by fire in 1910. Used by Woodstock Company G, of the 3rd Illinois Regiment during World…

Colorized black and white postcard with a  montage of various buildings in Woodstock, Illinois in the early 1900s.   Buldings featured are a typewriter factory, a dairy, the Woodstock train depot and brick buildings on the Woodstock Square.
This postcard is a photo montage of eight W. G. Hoffman postcards: "Benton St. From Van Buren #730"
"C. & N. W. Depot #705"
"Main Street #734"
"Oliver Typewriter Factory"
"Woodstock Typewriter Co."
"Benton Street #729"
"Congress Dairy…
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