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401 W. Jackson Always Inn postcard.jpg
This postcard, published circa 1910, shows the Cyrus Durfee House, 401 W. Jackson, during the years it was a hotel. Cyrus Durfee built his "mansion" in 1867. The Woodstock Sentinel extolled it as "One of the largest, most convenient, and best…

Looking East on Jackson St.jpg
This is a photo reproduction of a postcard showing a tree lined street that could be anywhere.

The date on the back is Oct. 1914

An original of the postcard on shows that it was taken by E. C. Kropp with a postmark of 1915.

Jackson Street from Throop.jpg
Snow scene with sleigh looking west down Jackson St.
301 W. Jackson (Major Southworth house) is visible.
Pencilled note on back dates it as 1900-1910

Jackson St looking W from Throop ca 1955.tif
Nothing visible in this photo remains today. Not the traffic light, nor any of the buildings, nor the trees.

The traffic light stood at the corner of W. Jackson and U. S. Route 14 (Throop St.) The sign belonged to a gas station. The building…

Jackson St looking west from Tryon ca 1955.tif
301 W. Jackson Doctor Schwabe's house is on the left with an unknown commercial building on the right.

Not sure this is an accurate location--mfc

Jackson St looking East towards square.  ca 1956.tif
West Jackson Street looks large while Throop Street appears very narrow. Traffic lights stand at opposite corners, needed because this is a U.S. highway (Route 14). The Courthouse is on the left and Montgomery Ward Department Store is on the right.…

Jackson St Houses demolished 1969.tif
Three large homes on the south side of Jackson St that were demolished soon after this photo was taken to make room for the First National Bank (225 W Jackson) building and parking lots.

The street sign for the corner of Jackson and Tryon is made…

Baptist church.jpg
200 W. Jackson
Corner of Jackson & Throop
Listed as First Baptist Church in the 1914 City Directory

101 N. Throop now is on this location

"The present Baptist church was erected in 1866, being located at the corner of Jackson and Throop…
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