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View from Courthouse Dome 1900 2014.jpg
This photograph showcases the evolution of Woodstock Square Park and the surrounding businesses across more than a century. The photographer's perspective from the dome is facing towards the southeast end of the Square in both 1900 and 2014.

Courthouse Dome Renovation 2014 - Dome from Attic.JPG
A photograph from the interior of the courthouse dome. The interior of the dome is accessible from the courthouse's attic.

Courthouse Dome Renovation 2014 - Dome exterior 2.JPG
A photograph of the courthouse dome's exterior support pillars. These pillars secure the dome to the building's roof.

Courthouse Dome Renovation 2014 - dome exterior.JPG
In this photograph, the malleability of copper is on full display. The hammered down edges along the rim help provide a water-tight seal protecting the dome from water damage. The strength, durability, and versatility of copper as a building material…

Courthouse Dome Renovation 2014 - copper on exterior dome.JPG
As part of the 2014 renovation, the courthouse's dome was fitted with an outer layer of copper to protect the dome from both the elements as well as lightning strikes. Copper is frequently used on domes due to its high tensile strength and…

Courthouse Dome Renovation 2014 - Looking East.JPG
The view from the top of the courthouse's dome. The structure of the dome was renovated in 2014 with new paint and a new copper exterior. This photograph was taken to provide perspective to the height of the dome. Woodstock Square Park is featured in…

SH basement new floor.JPG
A primary goal of the Jail's basement renovation was to refurbish the floor. The previous concrete slab in the basement was significantly degraded and could not be safely used by the building's tenants.

SH basement demo (4).JPG
This particular section of the Jail basement needed new support beams to safely bear the load of the floor above. In the photograph, crew employees can be seen securing the new support braces into the concrete below.

SH basement demo (2).JPG
Many areas of the basement of the Sheriff Residence & Jail required extensive repairs. This section of the basement lacked load-bearing beams at critical junctures requiring additional bracing to add support. In addition, it also required a new floor…

Logo of Woodstock Public Library. No contact info; symbol only on a white background.


Old Courthouse Center Logo.jpg
The renovation of the Old Courthouse/ Sheriff's Residence & Jail is also a rebranding effort as well. The newly remodeled building has been renamed as the Old Courthouse Center to reflect its new role as an economic incubator.

Jail 1st Flr kitchen pano (2).JPG
The first floor kitchen of the Sheriff's Residence & Jail after the renovation. Among the new tenants, a restaurant is slated to begin operating by early August 2023.

Jail 1st Flr demo pano.JPG
The first floor of the Sheriff's Residence & Jail prior to the renovation. The steel bars on the windows are from the building's past and serve as a reminder of the vital role that the Sheriff's Residence and Jail played in securing suspects…

The exterior structure of the new building connector is nearing completion with windows being framed to allow for ample natural light to the stairwell.

Exterior Connector.JPG
Connecting stairwell between both buildings nears completion; elevator shaft added to improve accessibility. A primary goal of the new renovation was to update the building to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. An elevator is…

Exterior steel work.JPG
In preparation for a new stairwell to join the Old Courthouse and Sheriff's Residence/ Jail, the construction crew prepares an exterior steel structure.

Parking lot (2).JPG
Located across the street from the Old Courthouse Center, the newly-paved parking lot has been a welcomed addition to the downtown area of Woodstock.

Geothermal work.JPG
The renovation includes the construction of geothermal vents underneath the parking lot to provide low-cost heating and cooling for the Old Courthouse Center. At a specific depth, the temperature underground is stable year around regardless of…

southwest valley and gutters.JPG
The extensive damage to the Courthouse's roof was a driving force behind the City's motivations to renovate the property. Moisture from rain and humidty was able to enter the building unabated leading to excessive damage in many parts of the…

After its conversion from government building to privately-operated site, the Old Courthouse and Jail became home to restaurants and retail stores alike.

Rubble Room ceiling install (2).JPG
While in the process of renovating the Courthouse, the construction crew installed new ceiling support beams in key places along the basement to join several walkways together.

Rubble room wall rebuild.JPG
The construction crew is in the process of rebuilding a section of the Courthouse's basement. The room's lack of a ceiling prevented three walkways from being joined together.

Courtroom air intake.JPG
Courtroom ceiling was restored to its former glory with a fresh ceiling, new paint, and a rebuilt air intake system.

Courtroom demo ceiling.JPG
Photograph of courthouse's courtroom ceiling post-demolition. The exposed rafters indicate a total renovation of the ceiling.

Jail LL concrete.JPG
Staff from Elliot Concrete work to replace the Jail's lower level concrete floor. Employees in the photograph are seen leveling the newly poured concrete to ensure a smooth surface. The newly renovated Old Courthouse Center is expected to maintain a…

Jail basement pano (2).JPG
A panorama view of the Sheriff Residence & Jail's basement in the process of being renovated. Metal framing can be seen in the back, new subfloor has been laid, and doors were installed as well.

Jail basement pano.JPG
Prior to the renovation, the Sheriff Residence & Jail's basement was in an unusable state. From unlevel ground to exposed piping, the basement was unable to be used by tenants.

Courtroom painting.JPG
The Old Courthouse's courtroom was in need of a new paint job due to the moisture damage caused by the hole in the roof.

Courtroom plaster demo.JPG
The plaster was removed from the Old Courthouse's main courtroom. The room is being prepared for new primer, paint, and trim.

The repairs to the Courthouse's tin ceiling were completed by the team at Bulley & Andrews. The crew attached new tin squares to the ceiling to recreate the design of the Old Courthouse.

CH 1st Flr NE tin ceiling (2).JPG
The tin ceiling of the Courthouse was in rough shape prior to the renovation project. Much of the damage stemmed from moisture entering the building through a hole in the roof near the flag pole.

CH 1st Flr NE reinstalled ceiling with primer.JPG
Prior to the renovation, the tin ceiling of the courthouse's courtroom was extensively damaged from a hole in the roof. In this photograph, the ceiling was primed and painted, restoring the ceiling to its previous condition.

view 1.jpg
Exterior photograph of the McHenry County's Old Courthouse & Jail.

Holding cells in the basement from the Jail's past were demolished in preparation for the renovation. The worker in this photograph can be seen using a power tool to cut through the cell bars.

Time capsule search 2000-1.tif
This series of photos is called "Looking for the Time Capsule." Jim Clegg was responsible for a project that listed the names of all the Civil War soldiers that lost their lives in that war. Before the names were installed around the base of the…

City Hall on Calhoun  ca2002.tif
Central School/Woodstock City Hall building 120 W. Calhoun St. with the city hall sign and a smaller Police Department sign.
The second photo on this same record shows the entire north side of the building and the front sidewalk to Calhoun St.
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